double dutch typhoon

The Typhoon is moore of a creek paddle. It came from the very popular ww/creeker the Scorpion, with some small changes to the construction. It gives a lot of control on decisive strokes, like boofs, surfs, eddy crosses and transverses on white water.

Tyfoon carbon Characteristics
Blade Length x Width (cm) 47,5 x 19,5
Weight (gram) 920-940
Available lengths Any (most ordered 190 – 202)
Available angles Any (most ordered 15°, 30°, 45°)

Blade material

Shaft option
Creeker version: Kevlar-carbon straight shaft (stiff)
Freestyle version: Kevlar-carbon crank shaft (stiff)

Price (SEK): 2 990:- (straight shaft)
                          3 600:- (cranked shaft)